TREND BLAST: The Moto Jacket

Here is a trend that’s both edgy and timeless! The leather Moto jacket is an iconic piece which is a true staple in any style maven’s closet. You don’t need to look far to see just how cool this piece is, just look at the icons who famously wore it. Debbie Harry, Joan Jett, Elvis & David Bowie all rocked their Biker jackets with swagger and style. Here at Kidpik, we love how a Moto jacket is a ‘outfit completer’ – it transforms ANY look into a fashion look! It kinda just pulls everything together, don’t you think?

It’s also REALLY versatile. We adore how you can throw it on with sweats, a tee and high tops and instantly look polished. With jeans and a striped tee; it’s timeless and a classic trendy look. Then you can really go ALL OUT for a fun OTT look like one of our favorite Fashionista’s North West and wear it over a tutu or fancy fun dress!

Of course the Moto jacket is known for it’s rocker style in black leather, but here at Kidpik we know our girls love to be a little girly AND cool. So we made it in gorgeous rose gold soft pink Vegan leather and an awesome Gunmetal gray that looks literally good with ANY color you put it with (we promise – we tried it!). We also <3 how no animals were harmed for our Moto jackets.

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