Recycled With Love!

Just like your kidpik box, you can fill these containers with everything that makes you smile! The perfect storage solution for so many items and the perfect way to re-cycle, re-purpose and re-love! After making this craft you are going to look at every bottle as a storage opportunity! Each of the zip cases uses the bottom from 2 plastic bottles and they are attached together with one zipper. We suggest maybe recycling a zipper off an old jacket or pair of pants.


2 water bottles the same size and brand) 1 zipper (long enough to fit around the circumference of your bottle) Scissors Hot Glue or a needle and thread

Make sure to have a parent help! Scissors and hot glue are not kid friendly!

STEP 1- Let’s begin by cutting the tops off each of your bot-tles. Decide how long you want your case to be and cut down your bottles to the ap-propriate size for what you are storing.

STEP 2- Be sure that your zipper fits around the bottle, with a slight overlap at one end. (If your zipper is too long…cut some of the zipper length from the two free ends, not the end with the zipper stop.) STEP 3- Begin gluing one side of the zipper down to the inside edge of the bottle, with the correct side of the zipper facing out. Be sure the zipper track is about 1 /8 of an inch away from the bottle, so that the zipper pull can function freely, without running into the edge of the bottle.

Continue gluing the zipper around the inner lip of the bottle edge. Don’t get any glue onto the tracks of the zipper!! Glue can get messy so an alternative to this is sewing the zipper to the bottle!

STEP 4- Begin gluing the other side of the zipper to the other plastic bottle. Continue gluing until the other half of the zipper is completely attached.

Now fill them with all of the items you want to store, display, or keep safe.


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