Davidson's Boating

Inspection / Check-Up

  • We give monthly, quarterly and annul inspections of boats small and large. We follow all legal requirements and ensure you’re covered from any and all loopholes.
  • Protecting your boat and boating license is a must if you plan on being a long time sailor/motor-boatist. If you’ve never had your boat inspected then contact us, and if you don’t know Connecticut’s requirements for boating then inform yourself here.


  • Another important service we offer are on-the-spot check-ups. Meaning that, if you ever feel like something might not be right with your engine, or other equipment then you can call/contact us and have it inspected within twenty-four hours, any day of the week, and even on most holidays.
  • We even offer hauling services, to pick up you boat where you are, either at home or at the nearest port. Learn more about this service, or set up a quote and we’ll contact you directly.

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