Davidson's Boating

Head-to-Toe Cleaning / Staining

  • We provide a full range of cleaning services – from complete deck scrubbing, to under the boat, and inside the cabin. We even partner with boating parts services to replace faulty equipment, worn furnishing, and electronics.
  • Along with our inspections, we clean the inner-workings of boats to make sure mold doesn’t build up. This is incredibly important for the value of a boat – either motor or sail – to retain value. We recommend an annual check up to determine how much cleaning is needed.


  • All you have to do is bring your boat in and we will evaluate it within twenty-four hours. You can even fill-out your payment and personal information online before you come in, so you can streamline the process without any waiting around.
  • After your inspection we will either meet, or call and talk about what needs to be done t ensure your boat is ready for the next great adventure! Full top-to-bottom cleaning can be accomplished in under a week. Smaller tasks like furnishing and deck staining can be finished in under forty-eight hours.
  • We look forward to servicing you! Feel free to request an appointment now.

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