Davidson's Boating

About Us

  • Our Mission:
  • To inspire and facilitate boating in the Greenwich area, and the greater Long Island Sound Region. To connect with the community and use the discipline of sailing to incentivize a healthy minded and responsible society.
  • Our History with boats:
  • Our family and co-workers have been working with sailing and motor boats for over forty years. We understand the value of living close to the water – the environmental, and societal responsibilities we have, as well as the great privilege we must protect so future generations can know how to utilize it for pleasure and discipline.


  • We started off as a small shop two towns away, working on boats during the weekends while work day-jobs on the weekdays. It was a tough start, but through family’s hard work, we managed to accumulate a reputation across the Long Island Sound. Within the first ten years, we moved to Greenwich, and became a hot-spot for boaters heading out from New York. We are conveniently positioned to service many communities both in New York and Connecticut State.
  • To this day, we hold ourselves up to that reputation and make sure we provide not only the best value for our prices, but the best service of any port in the New England Region.
  • Founders:
  • Bernie Maddow and Christine Summons started the first shop as the chief engineer and financier, respectably. Bernie had worked on boats since he was twelve – and for twenty years, passed his knowledge onto his two sons, Jacob and Henry.
  • Christine helped market the shop as a regional standard and made the Maddow’s name household. She also helped finance the expansion.

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