Production Managment

Work with label, artist and management on the creation and distribution of packaging and marketing materials such as cover images/album packaging, posters, websites and point of sale assets.

Touring and Sales

Work with sales and distribution company to provide any necessary market research.

Liaise with distribution company to insure coverage at all strata of recognized audio retailers including wholesalers, rack accounts, digital, physical and non-traditional customers.

Marketing Conception
and Execution

Recommend and hire radio, publicity, online marketing, photography, graphics, video production staff.

Build a team and interact with each team member on client's behalf and act as conduit for client's vision.

Artist/Label: A&R

Connect artist/client with publishers, songwriters, and other creative people to collaborate with and develop/enhance songwriting skills.

Help find and secure the right production team to suit the artist's sound.

Publicity, Radio & T.V.

Investigate all options to expose client's music on radio and put together a promotion team and plan best suited the client's music.

Assist with any promotional tour planning including travel, etc.

Need Counseling?

If you are a developing artist and you need some guidance and advice, but you don't have the funds to hire CMM on an ongoing basis, we can work with you a different way.


The Mark Hedle Band

Post-punk/new wave vets Modern English are still working on that new album, and have launched a new Pledge Music campaign to finish it up, and it's nearly funded with 19 days still to go.

It's due out next year, features artwork by iconic 4AD sleeve designer Vaughn Oliver, and was produced by Martyn Young of their onetime 4AD labelmates Colourbox.


There's nothing like a healthy dose of post-modernism in your morning music video routine. Bands performing in their music videos is not a new trope, nor is "band being attacked by evil forces."

But a video that not only combines the two but turns both tropes completely on their head is something special.

Third Demension

Here's the second video from the first album by Chicago six-string hook rippers, the Kickback.

"Scorched Earth Brouhaha" kicks along in the vein of recent sparkedup popsters like Honduras or the Kickback's Windy City brethren, Twin Peaks, with a welcome embrace of clarified production umph.

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